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My younger cousin got married, and this is his wedding photo

Before I get started let me please apologize for being so late on turning out this blog. It’s been a few weeks late, but I’ve been a bit swamped with this wild and crazy thing called life, but I have been writing more, nearing the completion of my manuscript “Losers” with just two chapters two go before I start the dreaded rewrite and editing phase.
But I started this journey of taking my personal fitness seriously a little more than a month ago, I wasn’t sure how much progress I would see, using the products by Nutrilite but thanks to Rhodiola, I have I’ve been more focused in my workouts, with more drive to really push and challenge myself. So even though it’s only been a little over a month, I have had some immediate improvement and I’m looking forward to trimming down, by adding more lean muscle to body mass.IMG_0835
So today, for my personal fitness test for 6/20/14, results were. (I do each exercise for one minute, with a minute to rest in-between each workout)
New results 7/20/14
Switch Kicks: 94 110

Power Jacks: 56 62

Power Knees: 94 101

Power Jumps: 40 50

Globe Jumps: 9 11
Suicide Jumps: 16 19

Push up Jacks: 30 35

Low Plank Oblique’s: 45 55
Summery Weight lifting current weight.IMG_0836
Dumbbell chest press 65 lbs up from 55
Shoulder press 70 lbs before was 40
Pull-ups-50 was 30/
T-bar Row-120 was 70 lbs.
Dumbbell curls -50 lbs was 45
Leg squat 310 was 285 lbs
So one of the reasons I started pushing myself harder in the gym, taking my diet and workouts more seriously is so that I could get into superhero shape for Fandom Fest! Which was amazing and I had a spectacular time and recommend everyone to cosplay as their favorite character at least once, because well, it’s really a pretty amazing experience. Kids look up to you and can’t help but smile believing that you are that actual super hero.
But I have learned a great deal from my last adventure to Louisville for Fandomfest, which was taking a couple of friends and getting a room at the Galt House. Which is one of the nicest places I’ve stayed while traveling and it was in short walking distance to the Louisville Convention Center.
Although, going online I’ve read and heard a lot of complaints from other attendees as well as Venders. But personally, I had a great time. I was even a little sad when it was all over and found myself wishing it went on longer. Plus I did end up spending a lot of money and probably would have spent more if more Venders were actually at their booths, or let people to actually look inside and around their booths (Because some just sat in a chair blocking passage into their booths and didn’t seem too interested in moving or getting up.) But I realized I should have brought more money and next year I’ll try to be better prepared. Because my friends and I spent a lot of money while we were down there, and made sure to spread the wealth by buying from several different venders.
Sometimes I think people just like being angry and complaining even when they have nothing to complain about.


On the downside, I did meet Anthony Mackie who was a bit of a tool. I mean the guy couldn’t have looked more and gave off the impression that he was annoyed for just having to be there. I don’t know if it was because there was barely anyone in line to meet him, or what, (however he was a late addition)
IMG_0884Although on the upside, I did meet Sam Huntington, Sam Witwer and Meaghan Rath of ”Being Human” and let me just say, they were awesome! All three of them were very nice, very down to earth and hilarious. They made my weekend and all of them seemed very excited to be there, to meet the fans and I mean really meet. I think Sam Huntington and I talked for a good twenty minutes before I realized I was holding up the line, so I shook his hand and quickly skedaddled before a lynch mob could form behind me. But Sam Huntington was great, and played in some of my favorite movies, “Fan Boys” Detroit Rock City,” Etc.
Sam Witwer was also very cool and down to earth, asking everyone if they were having a good time. And he was really relatable, easy going, funny and down to earth. I know it sounds like I having a bit of a man crush on the guy, but hey, I’m a fan of his as well, and loved all the “Star-wars-The force unleashed” Video games. Plus he seemed genuinely interested in everyone and really seemed to care about what people thought of the con. Also, on a side note the guy knows his material; he corrected a buddy of mine and some of his Star-Wars knowledge and some of the star-wars items he bought while at the con. Then of course he wanted to know what all we’ve seen and done so far and when he saw our bags asked if he could see what we had bought. The man is literally one of the nicest people I’ve ever met. He had no problems in stopping for pictures or just walking around the convention, talking to fans and venders alike.

being human
Meaghan Rath, is absolutely adorable and even more gorgeous in person, with a bubbly, fun loving personality, almost just like her character on Being Human. Which was very pleasant to see and unfortunately I didn’t talk very long to her, partially because I got all giddy and nervous, which made it difficult to form complete and coherent sentences. But the cast was also anxious about our photo opts, And Huntington had asked if I got the chance to show him our photo when I picked it up, but unfortunately by the time my photo was ready, I missed him. So I tweeted the guy and he tweeted back and even followed me on twitter!


I have finally embraced my cosplaying nature, and even if dressing up for a convention may not be your thing, I highly suggest you give it a try, rent a costume and go to one of these conventions. It is awesome and incredibly cool. Not only does it make everyone excited to see you, its cool having everyone you meet wanting to get their picture taken with you. Which is an awesome high all on its own and it also serves as a great icebreaker. So if your usually shy like myself, it becomes much easier to approach and talk to random strangers when you’re dressed as a superhero and well, people love superheroes. Plus, in a strange way, it really does make you feel all super. But dressing up is really cool for the kids and seeing how it just makes their day when they see you. I even had one six year old, ask me out to dinner with him and his family, and then offered to share his ice-cream with me after I politely declined.
On the reverse side of that however, I did get groped, fondled and more or less glomped by several drunk women and one in particular who jumped into my arms while I was walking around downtown, throwing her legs around me, as she kissed and nibbled my ear, telling me how much she loved Captain America, while I literally was at a loss and all I could think to say was,
“My…aren’t you friendly?”


Not going to lie, made my night.

All in all, I had a blast and it was one of the best weekends of my life. I can’t wait FandomFest 2015 and can’t believe I’ve waited so long to go to one of these conventions. Yes, I did spend a lot of money, and even though I brought my computer I wasn’t productive at all, in fact I don’t think I ever took it out of my bag, I was just having too much fun. Which I really think everyone needs to remember, that these conventions are just that, fun, opportunities to come out of your shell and just be as nerdy, or as geeky as you want.

Fitness Quotes and sayings      For as long as I can remember, I’ve always had the mindset that a healthy body, leads to a healthy mind. Nothing really clears the head better than a good, long and hard run and I love the feel of the wind against my face and in hair, my heart racing and the steady, controlled breathing of feeling my lungs really work that makes you feel so incredibly alive.

I can’t help but feel there’s something beautiful about running, a moment when neither foot is touching the ground and still being propelled forward that makes it feel like you’re flying and in that moment, it’s like reaching perfection.

This is me now, 6/16/14 After having to take it easy for about two months at the gym. I am not thrilled by committing this much.  Like some of you out there, I'm still a little self-conscious of my body.

This is me now, 6/20/14 After having to take it easy for about two months at the gym. I am not thrilled by committing this much. Like some of you out there, I’m still a little self-conscious of my body.

I’m also a gym rat, I love hitting the weights, pushing myself and having this running competition where I’m always competing against the me of yesterday or last week. Upping my weight, whenever it feels like it’s becoming too easy and keeping a constant, ongoing record of my weight, sets, and amount of reps. I love feeling myself improving, becoming stronger, as well as seeing the results that follow. Plus, it gets even better when others begin noticing these changes and complement me on all the hard work, the hours of dedication, and sweat you’ve been putting into your body, becoming a healthier you.

So when my friend Rachel approached me and asked me if I would be willing to try out Nutrilite and write about it, I accepted. (Anything to improve my edge, boost my recovery, and growth) However the day I was supposed to begin on the protein and vitamin supplements I strained my foot from overtraining. (I have the tendency of pushing myself a little too hard sometimes, like trying to reach a personal goal of running 3 miles in 15 minutes) and before my injury I managed to reduce my time from 45 minutes to twenty five.

With my foot injured, I didn’t feel right about testing the nutrilite products, because anything I did while injured wouldn’t be a real review, or test.

But now, I’m back to full strength and ready to spend the next 30 days marking my any improvement I have with Nutrilite. Which is when I’ll be posting an update on my progress. Along, with photos…which I’m a bit hesitant on posting today, but I figured I have no real choice, and I figured posting my progress would only add to my motivation, making me less incline to cheat on my diet, or to slack off while putting my work in at the gym.

As you can see by the pictures provided., I’m not a meathead or a model by any means, I have about an average/athletic body type, and this will probably be the only time I do this.

 So today, for my personal fitness test for 6/20/14, results were. (I do each exercise for one minute, with a minute to rest in-between each workout)



Switch Kicks:  94 

Power Jacks:  56

Power Knees:  94

Power Jumps: 40

Globe Jumps: 9

Suicide Jumps: 16

Push up Jacks:  30

Low Plank Oblique’s: 45


I don't think I'm in bad shape, but there's still some room for improvement.

I don’t think I’m in bad shape, but there’s still some room for improvement.



Summery Weight lifting current weight.

Dumbbell chest press 55 lbs

Shoulder press 45 lbs

T-bar Row-
70 lbs.

Dumbbell curls -45 lbs

Leg squat 285 lbs


Included with my nutrilite goodie bag, were two energy drinks, which I honestly had no intentions on actually using, because I hate energy drinks. I’ve tried several, but had very little success in them working as advertised and I never did like the bittersweet aftertaste. However, as luck would it, I got caught up in a book and didn’t end up falling asleep until around 4am, and I had to get up at 8am for work. By morning, I was dragging and would have probably sold my sold for another hour of oh so precious sleep. But I looked over saw the root-beer energy drink on my counter and figured I’d give it a try.

So I popped the tab and wondered what it would really taste like, since in my experience very little few products ever taste as they are advertised, but was pleasantly surprised by the all too familiar taste of root-beer on my tongue, that tasted like root-beer any kind of after taste that comes with most energy drinks, (again in my experience) Plus it gave the energy I needed to get myself through the work day, as well with enough to get me through my workout at the gym later that day, I experienced no crash, headaches, or any ill effects.

If you’re interested in trying Nutilite along with me with me,

You can order directly from.