I have no name for these open wounds,
Because on my own is all I’ve ever been,
I see the world from rusted tracks,
Carrying the memories of a distant past,
As I ride these rails without ever looking back,
For my life is all wrapped up in the day,
For there’s no past or future here,
No blinding light, or darkness left to fight,
Leaving nothing else to fear,
Because nothing else seems real,
So I follow these dreams and chase the truth,
And if I find my name’s no good,
I’ll fall out of line,

And I miss you,
But there’s no coming home,
There’s no going home,
And the sky becomes a sea of blue,
And I know there’s no going back,
And I speak true,
But everyone knows,
Everyone knows,
I can’t let you go…

I’ve seen more places than I can name,
When your tired it all looks the same,
Masked faces, a haunting masquerade,
All dancing in and out of line,
For it’s not the truth we all chase,
It’s the promise of a better place,
And I’ve been searching down a lie,
I can’t find the truth,
And I don’t know what it is,
Just empty towns and people passing by,
Nothing left to do, so I’ll take the lie,
And I still dream of you,
But there’s no going back,
Nothing left to pursue,
Just the sound of the train,
And I know there’s no coming home,
Because I have no name,
Just rusted tracks for me to roam,
Even as all the stars begin falling like rain,
As the sky grows starless to mask it’s pain,
And I’ve always known I wouldn’t be back,
I’ve always known what it is,
As the sky turns pitch black,
But it beats the alternative,
So I fall out of line,
And never look back,
And everyone knows,
Everyone knows,
I still think of you.