Hello world!

I would to like to apologize for neglecting my little blog once again, but life happens and for the first time in a long time, I’ve been just enjoying it, in all off its ebbs and flows. But I’ll try my best to post more regularly, I have a lot I’d like to talk about and share with you all. I’m still working on editing and doming some rewrites of “Losers” and I started reworking my series “Scars of who we are.” Into book format, going a little more in depth about my battles with depression, anxiety and how to keep yourself living when all you want to do is quit and cash out. I’m still learning how to just let myself be happy and live in the moment, and I’ve been doing pretty okay.1618419_1082606068429011_6597914198783442686_n

So I started off this year right, or as right as any geek like myself can and I went to my first convention of the year, Lexington Comic Con! Accompanying me on this trip was one my very best, and dear friends Rachel and I gotta tell you, it was great going to a Con with a fellow geek for a change. Although we didn’t have time to go to any panels and we did miss out on the VIP party. But truth be told, we had a lot of fun exploring the con, buying things we didn’t need. (Which, let’s be honest is a part of the fun) And meeting a few of our fellow favorite celebrities, for me I was excited to meet James Marsters aka Spike from Buffy, and the guy was awesome, very cool, down to earth and we talked about Buffy and the movie Dude’s and Dragons which I bought and had him sign. He seemed pretty genuine and interested in making sure everyone was having a good time and was kind enough to let me take a quick table photo with him. Which I wish more celebrities at these conventions would let you do. I’m looking at you Eliza Dushku. But I didn’t get anything signed by you, because I forgot to bring you the bluray I wanted you to sign and I was hoping to get a table photo until the helper told me I couldn’t. Which was a bit disappointing, partly because I had a crush on her since she appeared as Faith in Buffy, but maybe next time, live and learn I guess.


Here we see Harley Quinn trying to adopt a new cat.

But on the flip side, I did stay with Rachel who wanted to meet Jason David Frank, the Green Ranger. I knew who he was before going down, and as a kid, he was always my favorite Power Ranger. But I thought it’d be cool to meet him and even paid for Rachel and I to get a photo with him since it was only like twenty bucks, that and another friend of mine wanted me to get a photo with him for her nephew.  Jason David Frank was surprisingly a class act. You see Rachel paid to get four items signed by him and he saw she had another picture of him as the Green Ranger in her bag, and what followed was this,

JDF: Hey you want me to sign that too?

Rachel: No, its okay I only paid to get the four things signed.

JDF: I know how it works here (Then whispering) If you want me to sign it, after all you
brought it here.

Rachel: Are you sure?


A new Client for Nelson And Murdock Advocados at law.

JDF: Yeah, you bought that here didn’t you, and you brought it up here, so let me sign it, besides it’s supposed to be all about the fans here.

And so she pulled the picture out of the sleeve and the guy totally signed it free of charge, which I thought was completely awesome, and I never saw a celebrity do anything like that before….Well except for Allen Bellman who insisted on signing my captain America shield, but I think that was partly because I was dressed as Captain America and he claimed that I looked like I just stepped out of the page of one of the books he’s worked on. So for me that was cool, for my friends who never read a comic book in their lives didn’t much care, but it was cool for me. But anyway if you ever get a chance to meet Jason David Frank, go meet him, get something signed and get a photo with the guy because he’s awesome and very loyal to his fan base. Which is always cool to see, especially these days, when some celebrates seem jaded, loathing the movies, or series that so many people fell in love with, instead of just embracing it. I’m a fan of geeky things and comic book movies because of what they meant to me, and sometimes it’s been just what I needed to help pull through or get over a personal trauma or struggle. Heck, I can’t tell you how many times listening to Hollywood babel on with Kevin Smith and Ralph Garman got me to laugh when I was feeling incredibly low, or how binge watching a comedy T.V show, “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” actually helped me feel human again after a bad breakup where I was struggling just to find a reason not to just give up on everything. If you’re a celebrity of any kind, you offer hope, an escape and wonder to those of us who needs it the most. If I ever strike it big, I will always try to be there for my fans, no matter how tired or worn out I am and like JDF I will always strive to show them respect and my consideration.

But I digress and just wanted to say, this was my first time at Lexington Comic Con, and I had an absolute blast. Sadly my friend Rachel and I didn’t get to see any of the panels, and I didn’t get my costume finished in time to participate in the costume contest. But I still had a very awesome time, met some incredibly cool people, and seen some very impressive cosplays. So I will most likely be returning to Lexington’s 2017 Comic Con and hopefully I will be able to talk Rachel into flying back down to attend the con with me.



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