And can we please stop this?

And can we please stop this?

Sorry in advanced for not being as active as I would like to be on my blog, have been really busy for the past few weeks. I’ve been trying to edit “Losers” so I can begin shopping it around and well, life happened. But I decided to come out and speak on a few subjects of note that have been bugging me lately which is, if you find something offensive, ignore it and go on about your day. Because if you’re easily offended by such things as something you see in the media, or hear someone say you should be thankful. Because it means there is nothing else that concerns you in your life. Because you’re not worrying about anything that actually matters, or means anything to anyone. You’re not hungry, you’re not worried about feeding your family, paying bills on time, you’re not worried about your job, or having to go to way in some foreign country, or land not knowing if you’ll ever make it home. You’re not worried about supporting your family if your spouse goes to war. It also means you’re not one of the ones who are fighting for you life in a hospital bed, you’re not struggling with your health, paying medical bills, or watching someone you care about pass away. If you have time to complain about something as silly as Starbucks cups, your life is fine and everything is okay. The world as you know it will continue to turn and turn, the sun will rise and the sun will set. This is how time passes and while you’re busy trying to find a sound and just cause, desperately trying to join a movement, that you can blindly attach yourself to, and join the bandwagon crying about how someone, somehow, somewhere hurt your feelings, or did something you didn’t like, or approve of. It’s all childish in the end. because you haven’t actually been greatly wronged by anyone, you just want attention, to have someone look at you and say, “Hey, you’re right!” But you’re not, you, really, really aren’t.

61787575So let’s all do something together, let’s all find and so something that can actually give your life some purpose. Because a big brother, or a big sister. Go to work in a soup kitchen, or a charity, join the national guard, invent something, write a book, channel all that rage, angst, and contempt into something creative, something positive! make art, help a neighbor, talk to a stranger, meet someone and strike up a friendship, let’s ignore all the drama and sensationalism in the media, on facebook, twitter and Pinterest, and let’s make the world better and into a more positive place to live in. We only have until now, and until the time we go to really leave this plane of existence to leave something long lasting behind. You only have one voice in the world, and you have to make sure that when you speak out, it’s for something that matters and not for spreading prejudice and hatred. I’m sorry here are the facts, not every cop is racist, or crooked. not all Muslims are terrorist, most of them are just people trying to get by and want to see their children grow up and make something of themselves.  I think we lost our semblance of self, in a world where everyone wants attention and wants to place blame somewhere else on someone else, rather than just being accountable for our actions and believe a harmless gesture is a personal attack against us, when sometimes a red cup, is simply a red cup, and sometimes you’re not really being persecuted, sometimes you’re just being an asshole.  0vNbnsa


And on the whole matter of the Syrian refugees, I’m proud to see so many people wanting to help them and wanting the American people to accept them with open arms. However, we’re facing an ever growing deficit in this country and I know we have solders and veterans we need to take proper care of, but keep getting denied certain benefits they were promised because there’s not enough money for it. Also our elderly keep getting denied a cost of living increase from social security because (there isn’t enough money in social security) plus we have a fairly big homeless problem here. And realistically, if we can’t get the money to  help these people, how are we suppose to take care of over twenty thousand refugees? These are questions I believe we need to all ask ourselves, and take a good long look at our underfunded educational system and how college graduates are hundred of thousands of dollars in debt, trying desperately to pay off their student debts, living to pay check, to pay check as the try to find employment in the area they’ve studied, just to find no one is hiring.  I think today everyone is too concerned with being guilt police, and are into the fad of taking on any movement that can gain them facebook likes, retweets, favorites, or just so they can feel as though they’ve taken up some cause to feel better about themselves.

But that’s just me and my thoughts, and this is my voice.


This is my voice