First I would like to apologize to my readers and fans, it’s been awhile since I made a new post, partly due to the fact that this lowly writer was battling strep. I did still write…granted all I did was work on my “Losers” Manuscript, which I now have to go over and revise. Because well, medication and being miserable and writing may not be the best way to write. Interesting, but still what little I did manage to write wasn’t anywhere near up to par to the level I usually like to write.

Then there was this tragedy that I’m sure we all heard about it and what about to say may sound cynical, cruel, or insensitive, (This means this is my opinion and only my opinion, if you don’t like hearing opinions you should probably stop reading…

Okay, now this is why I believe this tragedy had happened, because of the media and the news reported it. To me the news media is a terrorist group; they spread fear and promote terror. Turn on the news and that’s all you see. They cover these horrific tragedies and every day, for weeks it becomes thee major topic that they focus on and cover from day to day. They display these poor and very disturbed lost souls like celebrities. Names like James Holmes, Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris, the list goes on and they all become household names. But I’m willing to bet not one person can name a single victim involved. The media had made these people famous and their despicable and gross acts are compared to one another as if it’s some sick game. They compare these killings and report how it had the second highest body count in our nation’s history which sets the bar for another twisted individual to try and outdo the previous. These same people would probably just off themselves in their parent’s basement, or in the privacy of their own bedroom if it weren’t for the media. But now, thanks to the media at large they sit and think how they can do something worse and be remembered as some sick, deplorable monster, instead of being quickly forgotten as the troubled and lost person that they are.
Then CNN talked about the shooting as if it was a ball game, talking about how if the body count held up, it would become the second deadliest shooting since Virginia Tech. They the networks plastered the shooters face on the news for hours, forever imprinting his image on our collective memories. I believe in these circumstances that the media should ignore and not report anything on the identity of these twisted individuals and if they must report on it, only report on the victims and their stories and completely omit the shooter’s identity entirely. But they won’t do this because it’s not sensational.  But they don’t do this, they news has to spread fear and terror and they do this by reporting on these events and the way they report them.

Even back with the tragic events back on 9-11 the news and media served to only fan the fear that was engulfing American’s. Causing people to attack or harass their neighbors and anyone who looked different, Indians, (From India) Arabs, people who were different and who’s only crime was wanting to come to America for a new life, who came here “legally” in hopes of achieving a better life. This is America, the land of opportunity and the people who were targeted had nothing to do with what happened.

Then I watch how people were on the news saying how afraid they were to travel, and the media fanned that fear. So now you have to go through endless security amounts of security just to get on a plane.

Then in the Batman shootings, people were saying how they were now afraid to go to a theater and enjoy a movie, followed by now, when I actually read an article about a woman being afraid to send her kids to school without an armed bodyguard. Then everyone wants to talk about fun control believing that to be a problem. When that is not a problem, not in the way many want to claim that it is. Criminals don’t abide the gun laws, they obtain firearms illegally, and they don’t follow the rules. Pointing fingers at gun control and jumping on that bandwagon only adds more fuel to the fire. Because all that does is make it more difficult for you, or I to obtain a firearm, which many consumers do buy for protection. If someone breaks into my home, I like the reassurance of having a firearm handy. Because for all I know the person breaking into my home may be carrying a weapon and may not care about my physical well-being.

So in this regard, I ask for everyone to turn off the news when you see this kind of reporting being done. Let them know by their ratings that we as a people find this kind of reporting unacceptable. So Instead of watching the news, take the time and be with your family, play some board games with loved ones, hug your kids, talk to your parents, visit your grandparents, become closer with your family. Value every moment you have with your friends and family. Then have a beer with a good friend, remember to laugh and don’t be afraid to show some kindness to a stranger, you’ll never know how much a small kindness may change someone’s day, or their life.

Then when all is said and done, donate to mental health research, turn off the news and remember, every day is a gift and every moment is precious, don’t take any of it for granted.

Thank you.